Pigmentation Disorders

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Bullae and Hyperpigmented Patches on the Legs

A 50-year-old man presented with a pruritic bullous dermatosis on the lower legs, arms, and back of 1 month’s duration. He had an 8-year history...

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Hyperpigmentation of the Tongue

An otherwise healthy 17-year-old adolescent girl from Spain presented with hyperpigmentation on the tongue of several weeks’ duration. She denied...


Case Letter

Granular Parakeratosis

Granular parakeratosis is possibly related to a combination of topical products that potentiate irritation, rubbing, and occlusion of sweat.

Original Research

Multiethnic Training in Residency: A Survey of Dermatology Residents

Future dermatologists must be knowledgeable about dermatologic conditions presenting in patients of various ethnic backgrounds. A 10-question...

Photo Challenge

Asymptomatic Transient Lingual Hyperpigmentation

A 77-year-old woman incidentally was noted to have black discoloration of the tongue during a routine dermatologic examination. The patient was...


Vitiligo: To Biopsy or Not To Biopsy?

The histopathologic diagnosis of vitiligo is classically understood as the absence of melanocytes and melanin in the skin biopsy. Dermatologists...