Aesthetic Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatology Update

Nitrous oxide in dermatology

Nitrous oxide works well as an anxiolytic and can help calm the patient who is nervous or has a fear of needles.

Cosmeceutical Critique

Lactobionic acid

Lactobionic acid (4-O-beta-galactopyranosyl-D-gluconic acid), a disaccharide formed from gluconic acid and galactose, has been established as a...


The 39th ASLMS meeting is now underway

WASHINGTON – The current and past presidents of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery recently sat down to discuss the Society’s...

Cosmeceutical Critique

Melatonin update, Part 2

At the cutaneous level, melatonin exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, photoprotective, tissue regenerative, and cytoprotective activity.