Make the Diagnosis

February 2020

A 75-year-old female presented with a several-year history of a rash on her trunk.

The Optimized Doctor

New year, old you

If you resolved to do something this year, chances are it was to make a better you – a self-improvement goal such as to lose weight.

Aesthetic Dermatology Update

CD1a and cosmetic-related contact dermatitis

CD1a was identified as the primary protein molecule involved in eliciting an allergic contact dermatitis response for nonpeptide substances found...

Managing Your Practice


Seasonality is yet another of those basic business concepts that most physicians have never heard of.


Rash on hands and feet

What condition has individual lesions that are sharply demarcated, pinpoint to pinhead sized, round or polygonal...

Aesthetic Dermatology Update

Makeup is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria

Unfortunately and unknowingly, most consumers use products beyond the expiration date, and the most common offender is mascara.

The Optimized Doctor

Wellness vacations

When I made peace with the reality that I couldn’t access EPIC or email, it was like a ringing in the ears had lifted.