Sixty-five roses

Like many of you, my wife and I took the DNA plunge for fun and spit in the cup. She is genetically perfect, but I, however, am a carrier for...

Managing Your Practice

When can I retire?

Many of us lack a clear idea of where our retirement income will come from, or if it will be there when we arrive.

Law & Medicine

Labeling of medication warnings

Issuing timely warnings regarding medical products promotes patient safety, and the law appears to place the major onus on the manufacturer.

The Optimized Doctor

Mid-career advice

You’ve arrived at an important milestone when someone asks you to give a grand rounds titled ... “Mid-Career Advice.” Yes, I’ve been asked.


Med Tech Report

Our EHRs have a drug problem

Setting up electronic prescribing of controlled substances in an electronic record can be costly and incredibly time consuming.


Time or money?

Dr. William G. Wilkoff ponders the issue of prioritizing time or money in a career.

The Optimized Doctor

Flying solo

The journey from apprehension to mastery must pass through discomfort.