Child Psychiatry Consult

ADHD in the long term

Persistence of ADHD is associated with functional problems, but multimodal treatment can improve long-term...


Slowing down

This past Labor Day weekend, I did something radical. I slowed down. Way down.

Letters from Maine

Sometimes talk is useless

At times, neither a reward nor a punishment is the correct tactic to take with an unruly child.


The impact of tuition-free medical education

This bold initiative, they stated, was being instituted to simultaneously address the rising costs of medical education while still attracting the...

Child Psychiatry Consult

The power of connection

Synthesizing thoughts about relationships, suicide, loneliness, love, well-being, and autism produces a...

Pediatric Dermatology Consult

What is your treatment plan?

What scalp dermatophyte infection that results in hair loss, overlying scale, and often pustules may be complicated by a hypersensitivity reaction...