Case-Based Review

Cases That Test Your Skills

The paranoid business executive

The patient presents to the ED for the third time in 4 days with manic symptoms and paranoid behavior. How would you help him?

Cases That Test Your Skills

Seeing snakes that aren’t there

While being treated for ADHD, R, age 9, begins seeing snakes everywhere, hitting others, and throwing objects across the room. How do you proceed...

Savvy Psychopharmacology

Effects of psychotropic medications on thyroid function

Ms. L, age 53, presents to an inpatient psychiatric unit with depression, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, cognitive blunting, loss of appetite...

Cases That Test Your Skills

The woman who couldn’t stop eating

Ms. C, age 33, eats uncontrollably up to 10 times a day. She’s gained >50 lb and has poor self-esteem and low energy and motivation. She wants...

Cases That Test Your Skills

Sick, or faking it?

Mr. W, age 53, presents to the ED with severe chest pain. The ED physician recognizes Mr. W from previous visits, suspects he is feigning symptoms...

Cases That Test Your Skills

Suicidal, violent, and treatment-resistant

Mr. T, age 52, has a long history of schizoaffective disorder, suicide attempts, and violence. Could an underlying medical condition be...