Case-Based Review

Cases That Test Your Skills

The boy whose arm wouldn’t work

B, age 10, develops an unsteady gait and sustained flexion of his wrist. He has autism spectrum disorder and has maintained the same medication...

Cases That Test Your Skills

Obsessions or psychosis?

Mr. R, age 17, has severe symptoms of OCD that limit his daily functioning and academics. While being treated for this, he develops symptoms...

Cases That Test Your Skills

When the worry is worse than the actual illness

After being diagnosed with a rare gastrointestinal disorder, Ms. S, age 16, has abdominal pain. She’s anxious, depressed, and overly worried about...

Cases That Test Your Skills

When mania isn’t what it seems

Mr. S, age 22, has autism, bipolar disorder, and intellectual disability. He suddenly experiences increased impulsivity and agitation. What could...

Savvy Psychopharmacology

Polypharmacy in older adults

Mrs. B, age 66, presents to the emergency department with altered mental status, impaired gait, and tremors.

Cases That Test Your Skills

Command hallucinations, but is it really psychosis?

Due to intense family conflicts, Ms. D, age 26, often is suicidal. She has been hospitalized >25 times, and has received varying diagnoses and...

Cases That Test Your Skills

Depression, or something else?

Ms. A, age 60, presents with severe headaches and depression, including a suicide attempt. She’s also been repeatedly sorting through her...