Case-Based Review

Cases That Test Your Skills

A 95-year-old man with treatment-resistant depression

Mr. R, age 95, presents with depressive symptoms that began 6 weeks ago. He recently has lost 20 lb and is rapidly deteriorating. Which treatment...

Cases That Test Your Skills

Self-mutilation after recent-onset psychosis

Mr. K, age 23, is found bleeding after genital self-mutilation, and says voices told him to ‘cut it off.’ He has a history of psychosis and ...

Cases That Test Your Skills

‘Self-anesthetizing’ to cope with grief

Mr. M, age 51, stops eating and develops delusions after his wife dies. He has been using increasing amounts of Cannabis and nitrous oxide...

Cases That Test Your Skills

The girl who couldn’t stop stealing

Ms. B, age 14, has diagnoses of attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder and oppositional defiant disorder, and is taking extended-release...

Cases That Test Your Skills

Suspicious, sleepless, and smoking

Mr. F, age 30, is brought to the emergency department by his brother, with whom he has been living for the last 2 days; his brother says that Mr....