Gynecologic Oncology Consult


Enhanced recovery pathways in gynecology

Enhanced recovery protocols are diverse but have common themes of avoiding preoperative fasting and bowel preparation, early oral intake, limiting...


Preventing and managing vaginal cuff dehiscence

Cuff dehiscence is a rare but potentially morbid complication of hysterectomy. Prevention, recognition, and appropriate management can avoid life-...


Management of adnexal masses in pregnancy

The majority of adnexal masses identified in pregnancy are benign simple cysts measuring less than 5 cm in diameter. Approximately 70% of cystic...


Understanding ovarian germ cell neoplasms

Management of malignant germ cell neoplasms generally includes fertility-sparing surgery – with or without neoadjuvant combination bleomycin,...


High-grade cervical dysplasia in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a convenient time to capture women for cervical cancer screening given the increased contact with health care providers. Routine...