Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer


Photo Challenge

Painless Nodule on the Leg

A 44-year-old man presented with numbness and a burning sensation of the left lateral leg and dorsal foot of 3 days' duration as well as a left...


Phototherapy: Is It Still Important?

Despite new technologies and therapeutic options, phototherapy continues to be a valuable tool in the dermatologist’s armamentarium. Between...

Case Reports

Vandetanib Photoinduced Cutaneous Toxicities

Vandetanib is a US Food and Drug Administration–approved once-daily oral multikinase inhibitor for patients with progressive medullary thyroid...

Practical Pearls

"Doctor, Do I Need a Skin Check?"

Total-body skin examination is the bedrock on which most general dermatologists’ clinic days are built. Dr. Lorraine Rosamilia provides practical...