Proceedings of the 2010 Heart-Brain Summit


Supplement Editor:
Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD


Depression and Heart Disease

The Bypassing the Blues trial: Collaborative care for post-CABG depression and implications for future research
Bruce L. Rollman, MD, MPH, and Bea Herbeck Belnap, Dr Biol Hum

Type D personality and vulnerability to adverse outcomes in heart disease
Johan Denollet, PhD, and Viviane M. Conraads, MD, PhD

Biofeedback in the treatment of heart disease
Christine S. Moravec, PhD, and Michael G. McKee, PhD

Device-Based Therapies

Electrical vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of chronic heart failure
Hani N. Sabbah, PhD, FACC, FCCP, FAHA

Treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases with implantable medical devices
Ralph J. Zitnik, MD

Pioneer Lecture

New frontiers in cardiovascular behavioral medicine: Comparative effectiveness of exercise and medication in treating depression
James A. Blumenthal, PhD

Depression and Inflammatory Signaling in Alzheimer Disease

Depression: A shared risk factor for cardiovascular and Alzheimer disease
Dylan Wint, MD

Inflammatory signaling in Alzheimer disease
Robert Barber, PhD

Vascular signaling abnormalities in Alzheimer disease
Paula Grammas, PhD; Alma Sanchez, PhD; Debjani Tripathy, PhD; Ester Luo, PhD; and Joseph Martinez

Stress in Medicine

Stress in medicine: Strategies for cargivers, patients, clinicians—The burdens of caregiver stress
Michael G. McKee, PhD

Stress in medicine: Strategies for cargivers, patients, clinicians—Promoting better outcomes with stress and anxiety reduction
A. Marc Gillinov, MD

Stress in medicine: Strategies for cargivers, patients, clinicians—Addressing the impact of clinician stress
M. Bridget Duffy, MD

Stress in medicine: Strategies for cargivers, patients, clinicians—Biofeedback in the treatment of stress
Richard N. Gevirtz, PhD

Stress in medicine: Strategies for cargivers, patients, clinicians—Biofeedback for extreme stress: Wounded warriors
Carmen V. Russoniello, PhD

Stress in medicine: Strategies for cargivers, patients, clinicians—Panel discussion

Annual Review of Key Publications in Heart-Brain Medicine

Key 2010 publications in behavioral medicine
Laura D. Kubzansky, PhD, MPH

Novel Findings in Heart-Brain Medicine

Imaging for autonomic dysfunction
Stephen E. Jones, MD, PhD

Neurohormonal control of heart failure
Gary S. Francis, MD

Poster Abstracts

Abstract 1: Biofeedback in coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis
Matt Baumann, BS; Dana L. Frank, PhDc; Michael Liebenstein, PhD; Jerry Kiffer, MA; Leo Pozuelo, MD; Leslie Cho, MD; Gordon Blackburn, PhD; Francois Bethoux, MD; Mary Rensel, MD; Betul Hatipoglu, MD; Jim Young, MD; Christine S. Moravec, PhD; and Michael G. McKee, PhD

Abstract 2: Biofeedback in heart failure patients awaiting transplantation
Dana L. Frank, PhDc; Matt Baumann, BS; Lamees Khorshid, PsyD; Alex Grossman-McKee; Jerry Kiffer, MA; Wilson Tang, MD; Randall C. Starling, MD; Michael G. McKee, PhD; and Christine S. Moravec, PhD

Abstract 3: Prevalence of anxiety and type D personality in an outpatient ICD clinic
Leo Pozuelo, MD; Melanie Panko, RN; Betty Ching, RN; Denise Kosty-Sweeney, RN; Scott Bea, PhD; Karen Broer, PhD; Julie Thornton, MS; Kathy Wolski, MPH; Karl-Heinz Ladwig, MD; Sam Sears, PhD; Suzanne Pedersen, PhD; Johan Denollet, PhD; and Mina K. Chung, MD

Abstract 4: Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Finding the missing cardiac links
Lara Jehi, MD; Thomas Callahan, MD; David Vance, MD; Liang Li, PhD; and Imad Najm, MD

Abstract 5: Low levels of depressive symptoms predict the combined outcome of good health-related quality of life and no cardiac events in patients with heart failure
Kyoung Suk Lee, Terry A. Lennie, Sandra B. Dunbar, Susan J. Pressler, Seongkum Heo, and Debra K. Moser


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