Somatic Disorders

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PANS may be more prevalent than thought

“If it’s acute onset, you’ve really got to think [PANS], and you should do that workup or refer to someone who does,” said Dr. Kiki D. Chang.


Cases That Test Your Skills

When the worry is worse than the actual illness

After being diagnosed with a rare gastrointestinal disorder, Ms. S, age 16, has abdominal pain. She’s anxious, depressed, and overly worried about...


Human sitters in the COVID era

There are really no data upon which to base any sound ethics judgment about what should be tried, said Dr. Elspeth Cameron Ritchie.

Cases That Test Your Skills

Sick, or faking it?

Mr. W, age 53, presents to the ED with severe chest pain. The ED physician recognizes Mr. W from previous visits, suspects he is feigning symptoms...