Political Battles Brew Over Breast Density


“There is a feeling by many that we're just going to order it because, if we don't order it and something happens, we're going to have a problem,” said Dr. Steven Fleischman, associate chief of ob.gyn. at Yale–New Haven Hospital and the legislative chair of ACOG District I.

Another problem with the Connecticut law is that there's a lack of data on how it's working, he said. Because there was no tracking component built into the law, there are many lingering questions about the number of supplemental tests, the additional costs, and whether more cancers are being detected earlier, he said.

“It's not just about cost; it's about 'Are we getting more cases, and are we getting them earlier,'” Dr. Fleischman said.

The digital mammogram (left) was negative, while the molecular breast imaging scan detected a ductal carcinoma in situ in this dense breast.

Source Courtesy Mayo Clinic

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