ACOG, ACP voice ‘deep concern’ over potential Title X changes


If patients lose access to such services through Title X–funded facilities, they may not have another option within reasonable proximity, said Ms. Erickson. She added that options that exist for the population likely to be affected are often community health centers already operating under significant resource constraints.

Title X does not currently fund any abortion services.

Ms. Erickson said that it’s not currently clear whether any proposed changes or limitations would include proscriptions on discussing contraceptive methods. She and Dr. Lawrence said that neither ACP nor ACOG would anticipate initiating or joining litigation against the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services or the administration. On the telebriefing, each representative said that their organizations would need to know what form Title X changes might take, and then see what the nature of any lawsuits would be, before endorsing litigation.

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