ACOG, ACP voice ‘deep concern’ over potential Title X changes


Title X provides federal funding for family planning and related preventive health services, primarily serving low-income individuals and those without health insurance.

Agencies receiving Title X money currently provide gynecologic exams, contraceptive and family planning counseling, contraceptive services, and pregnancy testing and related information, explained Ms. Erickson.

“The expected changes from the administration would prevent any Title X funds from going to an entity that provides even basic information about all of the legal and evidence-based options available for pregnant women,” said Ms. Erickson, referring to the possibility of a “gag rule” that would prevent those receiving Title X monies from discussing abortion.

These changes, if implemented, would echo policies implemented in the 1980s by the Reagan administration, a shift that Ms. Erickson termed “outdated and out of touch.” Millions of individuals could have access to care affected, she said, “with a disproportionate number of those impacted being women who are seeking access to contraception and reproductive health care, as well as general preventive services.”

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