CDC: Marijuana use may spur industries to rethink current policies



While the highest percentage of reported users came from food services and entertainment, safety-sensitive jobs like construction saw rates as high as 20% when not adjusted for age, according to investigators,

Ms. Smith and her colleagues found use varied across safety-sensitive industries, with high rates in construction (19.7%), waste management (18.8%), and manufacturing (16.3%) that were above the total population prevalence. Meanwhile, mining, health care, and transportation were all 10% or lower, which may be because of more regular drug testing.

“It might be reassuring that our health care professionals are on the lower end of use,” said Ms. Smith. “Having worked in a medical facility, I know drug policies for workers are clear and employees are aware of drug testing and when it will occur.”

While the health care industry reported low usage, 15.8% of health care support management workers, such as x-ray technicians, reported marijuana use.

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