Portrayal of Federal Endoscopy Technology



To the Editor: I was excited to see that in the latest issue of Federal Practitioner there is an article titled “Unrelated Death After Colorectal Cancer Screening: Implications for Improving Colonoscopy Referrals.”1 In fact, it made the cover! But your cover image showed what appears to be an ancient (an ancient artifact, perhaps)—did I mention ancient?—fiber-optic endoscope. Fiber-optic endoscopes haven’t been used in maybe 20 years. High-definition endoscopy is the standard of care. Before that it was standard definition. The cover image suggests that federal endoscopists may be using museum-quality colonoscopes, which I know is not the case. I just wanted to point out what I found to be humorous.

Thank you for opportunity to share my opinion.

CDR R. Daniel Lawson, MD, MC, USN
Head, Endoscopy
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Owner, Lawson GI LLC

Response: Dr. Lawson, thank you for your concern. The image in question was selected by myself and the art director and not the authors of the article in question, purely for its recognizable and iconic nature. The image was in no way meant to portray the current state of the technology used at federal facilities. We regret that it may have confused or misled any readers about the current standard of endoscopy care. In the future we will retire such images to the museums where they belong.

Reid A. Paul, MA

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