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Shulkin Addresses APRN Rule, Health Care Vacancies, and Access

The VA Under Secretary of Health sits down with Federal Practitioner to discuss the VA’s efforts to fill its 46,000 job openings and provide care to veterans.


At the recent Launch Pad: Pathways to Cancer Innovation , November 29, 2016, Federal Practitioner sat down for an exclusive interview with VA Under Secretary of Health David J. Shulkin, MD. The below video that discusses ongoing efforts to improve coordination of care with community providers, the VA’s commitment to expanding the scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), and the recruitment challenges for filling more than 46,000 health care vacancies. Dr. Shulkin also discussed VA progress over the past 18 months .

The video associated with this article is no longer available on this site. Please view all of our videos on the MDedge YouTube channel .

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