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VIDEO: How to navigate value-based care payer contracts



AUSTIN, TEX. – The shift from volume- to value-based care has become a regular hot topic among the medical community. But one rarely discussed question is how quality-based care will impact physician contracts with health plans, according to Bloomfield Hills, Mich., health law attorney Mark S. Kopson.

In a video interview at an American Health Lawyers Association meeting, Mr. Kopson discusses how to navigate payer contracts when operating within value-based care models. He addresses ideal terms to include in quality-based care contracts and how to mitigate legal risks with health plans.

“The contract language that works in volume-based contracts doesn’t work in value-based contracts,” Mr. Kopson explains. “We have to make a distinction between the two and recognize that there are risks and issues that have to be addressed in value-based arrangements.”

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