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What Is the New Normal in Federal Medicine?

The annual AMSUS meeting will focus on the changing dynamics and demands of medicine at the VA, DoD, and PHS and the increasing cooperation among health care providers across the agencies.



Federal Practitioner recent talked with VADM Michael L. Cowan, MD, executive director of AMSUS about the upcoming conference December 1-4 in San Antonio, Texas. The annual conference is the largest gathering of DoD, PHS, VA and other federal health care providers in the U.S. Organized in 1891 and chartered by Congress in 1903, AMSUS has nearly 8,000 members across all health care disciplines.

Among the featured speakers for the conference will be University of Texas Chancellor William H. McRaven, and Julianne Flynn, MD, chief of staff of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System.

0:15 What Is the New Normal?
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