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Workshops on Heart Disease and Comorbid Conditions

This new website provides the latest information on how to care for patients with heart disease.


Older patients with heart disease usually have multiple other health problems—such as multimorbidity, polypharmacy, cognitive impairment, and frailty—but a new website provides the latest information on how to care for them.

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The website contains presentations from workshops cosponsored by the American College of Cardiology, the American Geriatrics Association, and the National Institute on Aging. The first workshop, which was held in February, identified unmet needs, formulated a research agenda, and discussed strategies for translating new research into clinical practice. Topics on the agenda included how to help improve patient-centered care and outcomes for this population. The presenters aimed to answer questions such as “Why do multiple coexisting conditions [MCC] increase with age?” and “Can the risk of MCCs be detected before MCCs appear?”

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