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Bald spots on a young girl

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An 8-year-old Hispanic girl was brought to see her family physician by her mother, who noticed 2 bald spots on the back of her daughter’s scalp while brushing her hair. The child had no itching or pain. No obvious precipitating events preceded the hair loss.

The mother was more worried than the child: she didn’t want to see her beautiful girl become bald. The girl was pleased that the bald spots could be completely covered with her long hair, but she didn’t want anyone to see them. The child was otherwise healthy. She did not have any chronic medical problems and was not taking any medications. No one else in the family had a similar problem.

When the mother lifted the hair in the back, 2 round areas of hair loss were evident (Figure 1). On close inspection, there was no scaling or scarring. Her nails were normal. The child was afebrile, and the remainder of her exam was unremarkable.

Two round areas of hair loss

Two round areas of hair loss on the back of the head of an 8-year-old girl. There is no scaling or scarring, and she was otherwise in good health and taking no medications.

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