Psilocybin research at Johns Hopkins

One month after these high-dose psilocybin sessions, 78% of the volunteers rated the experience as among the top five most personally meaningful...


Help wanted

Dr. William G. Wilkoff ponders the difficulties of residency training and physician workforce shortages.


It’s all in the timing

After seeing so many behaviors change quickly, parents expect all change to be equally fast.

Managing Your Practice

When can I retire?

Many of us lack a clear idea of where our retirement income will come from, or if it will be there when we arrive.


Dismantling the opioid crisis

Dr. John Hickner’s editorial, “Doing our part to dismantle the opioid crisis” (J Fam Pract 2019;68:308) had important inaccuracies.


Preventing suicide in the military

Dr. Cam Ritchie discusses the many efforts taken by the military aimed at suicide prevention.