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Bedside Microscopy for the Beginner

Novice microscopists may struggle with identifying both the appropriate lesion for bedside testing as well as preparation and interpretation of...


The impact of tuition-free medical education

This bold initiative, they stated, was being instituted to simultaneously address the rising costs of medical education while still attracting the...

Residents’ Corner

Physician Burnout in Dermatology

Physician burnout is a hot topic today, but what is burnout and who is at risk? In the field of dermatology—one with relatively few emergencies...

The Optimized Doctor

Tabata training

The specific move you do for Tabatas is up to you, but it’s recommended that it be the same move for all 4 minutes.

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Facial and Orbital Asymmetry in Oculofacial Surgery Patients

Facial symmetry traditionally has been associated with beauty, and we typically strive for symmetry in surgery. However, the subtle degrees of...