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Tolerability of a Monopolar Radiofrequency Facial Skin Tightening Procedure: An Observational Study

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Monopolar radiofrequency (RF) treatment has generated interest among practitioners for patients seeking nonsurgical skin tightening procedures. However, adoption of this technology has been limited by a perceived lack of efficacy and pain associated with older devices. This prospective observational study assessed the tolerability of the newest generation Thermage CPT (comfort pulse technology) System (Solta Medical) for facial skin tightening. Upgrades of the device include integrated pulsed cryogen cooling, a vibrating tip, and an updated electrode that distributes RF energy over the entire surface of the tip. Twenty consecutive patients electing to undergo monopolar RF treatment for cheek, jawline, and upper neck tightening were enrolled in the study (mean age, 53.7 years; 95% female.) Treatment was associated with mild to moderate discomfort caused by heat, which was assessed using a 5-point comfort rating scale. Six (30%) participants described the discomfort as mild to moderately hot (graded as a 2), while the remaining 14 (70%) participants described it as warm (graded as a 1). No adverse events were noted. All 20 participants expressed that the level of discomfort they experienced would not preclude them from undergiong future treatments.


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