Confluent and Reticulate Papillomatosis Treated With Minocycline and Tazarotene

Confluent and reticulate papillomatosis (CRP)(also known as Gougerot-Carteaud syndrome) is a rare disorder that usually presents sporadically, with onset typically occurring in young adulthood. We present 2 cases of CRP with typical clinical manifestations of scaly, dull, brownish, confluent and reticulate macules and patches. On examination using a potassium hydroxide (KOH) preparation and Periodic acid–Schiff (PAS) stain, both patients' lesions were negative for fungal elements; in patient 2, bacteria colonies accumulated in follicular orifices without perifollicular inflammation in the dermis. Both patients responded well to treatment with oral minocycline and topical tazarotene and showed clearance of CRP lesions at 12- and 8-month follow-up, respectively.


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