Vitiligo Patients Seeking Depigmentation Therapy: A Case Report and Guidelines for Psychological Screening

Vitiligo is characterized by a loss of cutaneous and mucosal pigmentation and often is associ­ated with psychological distress. Depigmentation therapy can be used to eliminate residual pig­ment, thereby creating an evenly depigmented skin tone. Patients often seek depigmentation therapy to even their skin tone when a large body surface area is affected by vitiligo or when exposed areas (eg, face, hands) are affected and do not respond to repigmentation therapy. Psy­chological screening of patients is recommended when considering depigmentation therapy for vitiligo. We report the case of a 24-year-old man with vitiligo who sought depigmentation ther­apy and withheld crucial information regarding his psychiatric and medication history. We also provide guidelines for a rational approach to psychocutaneous screening of patients with viti­ligo seeking depigmentation therapy.


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