CUTIS Celebrates 55 Years


When the first issue of Cutis was published in February 1965:

  • Alopecia was featured on the cover
  • Eugene F. Traub, MD, was Chief Editor, and John T. McCarthy, MD, was Assistant Chief Editor
  • The cost of a year's subscription was $10
  • The editorial objective was to bring readers "in simple and concise form the latest in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment" with articles "dealing with common dermatoses or those rarer diseases of great interest"
  • From the Consultant's Corner answered the question: Is diet actually important in the treatment of acne vulgaris?

To our loyal readers, contributors, and Editorial Board members, thank you for continuing to turn to Cutis for the latest in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

To our new readers, we hope you find our articles in simple and concise form relevant to your practice.

To our resident readers, you are entering one of the most rewarding specialties in medicine—dermatology.

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