Letter to the Editor


Editor’s note: This is one of the many emails readers sent to Dermatology News in response to Dr. Alan Rockoff’s last “Under My Skin” column in the December issue.

Dr. Rockoff,

I was deeply heartbroken to read that this would be your last column in Dermatology News today. I am a medical dermatologist with 19 years of experience in a small town in North Carolina and have always looked forward to reading your columns. No matter what the topic for the article you chose, I would always glean something worthwhile from it, be it a poignant insight, a relevant practice tip on treatment or patient management, and nearly always a hearty laugh.

Being somewhat rural and without a lot of competition, my very busy practice consists mainly of salt of the earth patients needing straight dermatologic care, mostly skin cancer, psoriasis, acne, the general stuff. Your ability to capture the essence of what it is like to be one of us in the trenches, to expose and eloquently define the most common and frustrating issues we face, has been a source of pleasure for years. On more than one occasion, I put down the magazine and attempted to write a thank you letter for one article or another you wrote, to say that you are doing a great job and please continue to enlighten us with your insight and that your efforts are greatly valued. I am embarrassed to admit, I never could complete those emails, thinking “Why bother the man? He is clearly as busy as me, and why would he want to hear from me anyway?”

Well, at the risk of bothering you, sir, please do accept my apologies for not writing you before you retired your article, and please know that your articles have personally given me years of immense happiness. They will be sorely missed, and likely not ever replaced.

With gratitude,

Jeff Suchniak, MD

Rocky Mount, N.C.

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