Match Day 2019: Dermatology steps up growth after slow 2018


Dermatology had its second-largest gain in residency slots and matches since 2015 on what is now the largest Match Day on record, according to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

Match day 2019: Dermatology

Available dermatology PGY-2 slots rose by 4.9% from 426 in 2018 to 447 in 2019, while slots filled grew by 5.5% from 420 to 443, for an overall fill rate of 99.3%. In addition, the fill rate for U.S. graduates grew for the first time since 2015, rising from 81.7% to 82.8%.

An overall total of 2,756 PGY-2 slots were offered, 97.2% of which were filled; 67.5% were filled by U.S. graduates, the NRMP said in its 2019 Main Residency Match report.

The 2019 Match set a record for most positions offered (35,185; up 6.1%), most positions filled (up 4.8%), most PGY-1 positions offered (32,194; up 6.5%), and total applicants (38,376; up 3.4%).

β€œThe results of the Match are closely watched because they can be predictors of future physician workforce supply. There also is significant interest in the competitiveness of specialties, as measured by the percentage of positions filled overall and the percentage filled by senior students in U.S. allopathic medical schools,” NRMP officials said in a statement.

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