Dermoscopy Update and Noninvasive Imaging Devices for Skin Cancer: Report From the Mount Sinai Winter Symposium


At the 19th Annual Mount Sinai Winter Symposium, Dr. Orit Markowitz provided an update on dermoscopy as a first-line noninvasive imaging modality for skin cancer screening and diagnosis along with reflectance confocal microscopy and dynamic optical coherence tomography. She explained how noninvasive imaging offers a more complete picture of lesions along with what is seen clinically and on pathology and discussed how it can help catch aggressive melanomas and other skin cancers at earlier stages. For these reasons, she emphasized that increased use of dermoscopy can be used to justify the need for regular skin cancer screenings. Finally, she discussed how noninvasive imaging can be used to guide dermatologists in performing optimal biposies of suspicious lesions.

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