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VIDEO: What’s new on atopic dermatitis drugs and cancer concerns?




WAIKOLOA, HAWAII – Topical calcineurin inhibitors’ boxed warnings give many patients and physicians pause over cancer concerns – but a new database analysis may put some minds at ease about the drugs’ use for atopic dermatitis.

“Pimecrolimus and tacrolimus are given topically, not internally – very little absorption occurs. So, it was hoped that ... we wouldn’t see cancer increases in these patients,” explained Dr. Joseph F. Fowler Jr., clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Louisville (Ky.). “And in fact, that’s exactly what was shown in this large study.”

In an interview at the Hawaii Dermatology Seminar provided by Global Academy for Medical Education/Skin Disease Education Foundation, Dr. Fowler discussed the data from new research examining cancer incidence and calcineurin inhibitor use.

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