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Common infections are potent risk factor for MI, stroke


Key clinical point: Once patients have been hospitalized for a respiratory infection or UTI, their postdischarge risk of ischemic stroke is 2.5-fold greater than in those without such a history.

Major finding: Patients with a history of hospitalization for UTI or a respiratory infection who later develop ischemic heart disease or stroke have a threefold higher mortality risk than those without such a hospitalization.

Study details: This was a retrospective study of more than 68,000 subjects in the U.K. ACALM registry study.

Disclosures: The study presenter reported having no financial conflicts of interest.

Source: Carter P. ACC 2018, Abstract 1325M-0.



He sees the ACALM findings as hypothesis generating, serving to help lay the groundwork for future clinical trials of vaccine or anti-inflammatory antibiotic therapies.

Dr. Carter reported having no financial conflicts related to his presentation.

SOURCE: Carter P. ACC 2018, Abstract 1325M-0.

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