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Clozapine is a vastly underutilized, unique agent with multiple applications

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Fortunately for Bethany, she had almost no physical adverse effects from clozapine except for intense sedation, which was mitigated with modafinil.

We should use clozapine more than we do
Clozapine has the potential to have a healing effect for many patients whose schizophrenia is resistant to treatment. Most such patients, however, never receive a trial of the drug. Furthermore, few practitioners use clozapine for schizophrenia patients with suicidal ten­dencies, despite the high rate of suicide completion in schizophrenia.16

Clozapine remains, regrettably, an underutilized agent in psychiatry. Until other breakthrough drugs are discovered, its use ought to be double or triple what it is now because there are many people like Bethany who are not being given a chance to recover from their illness.

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