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Notes From SAMHSA's EHR Summit


6. Granular consent management.

7. Need for contextualized content (diagnosis, measure of change, results, last treatment/discharge status, treatment compliance)

8. Need to see all open care plans/system involvement

9. Housing and stability

Additional information can be found on SAMHSA’s website at

<[QM]—Steven Roy Daviss, M.D., DFAPA

Dr. Daviss is chair of the department of psychiatry at the University of Maryland’s Baltimore Washington Medical Center, chair of the APA Committee on Electronic Health Records, co0chair of the CCHIT Behavioral Health Work Group, and co-author of Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work, published by Johns Hopkins University Press. He is found on Twitter @HITshrink, at, and on the Shrink Rap blog.


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