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Lumateperone for schizophrenia

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Lumateperone is a novel oral antipsychotic indicated for treating adults with schizophrenia. Its unique properties include the lack of presynaptic dopamine D2 antagonism, low D2 receptor occupancy, and the absence of significant extrapyramidal symptoms and metabolic or endocrine adverse effects. In clinical trials, the most frequent adverse event was somnolence/sedation.

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Drug Brand Names

Aripiprazole • Abilify
Asenapine • Saphris
Brexpiprazole • Rexulti
Cariprazine • Vraylar
Iloperidone • Fanapt
Lumateperone • Caplyta
Lurasidone • Latuda
Olanzapine • Zyprexa
Pimavanserin • Nuplazid
Risperidone • Risperdal
Ziprasidone • Geodon


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