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Is this adolescent suicidal? Challenges in pediatric inpatient consultation-liaison

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OUTCOME Culturally-appropriate outpatient therapy

Due to the lack of substantial evidence of apparent risk for self-harm, the presence of a supportive family, and Ms. S’s high academic performance and future orientation, the C-L team concludes that Ms. S’s concerns were most likely the result of the challenges of acculturation related to the language barrier and a lack of health knowledge. However, the C-L team remains cautious that Ms. S may have minimized or denied her mental health concerns due to various cultural factors. The team recommends that Ms. S seek outpatient psychotherapy from a clinician who specializes in working with Arab American individuals and families in their native language. The C-L team communicates these conclusions to the medical team verbally and in writing.

The authors’ observations

Cultural issues experienced during this consultation may not generalize to other Arab American adolescents and their families because there is diversity even within groups that share common cultural characteristics. Nevertheless, this case underscores the challenge of accurately assessing suicide risk, and making a differential diagnosis in the presence of complex cultural data and the dilemmas clinicians may encounter when attempting to answer important referral questions such as, “Is this adolescent suicidal and in need of psychiatric hospitalization?”

Bottom Line

Cultural factors and attitudes toward mental health and language barriers may play a large role in how patients answer clinical questions. Cultural issues may add a level of intricacy not easily resolved within the restrictions of an inpatient setting, and this complexity may influence clinical judgment, recommendations, and possibly health outcomes. Culturally appropriate psychotherapy is key for patients experiencing difficulty with acculturation.

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