Readers speak out about Maintenance of Certification


Retirement is calling

This will hasten my decision to retire or alternatively prompt me to practice without board certification.

Rod Huss, MD
Lompoc, Calif

MOC adds another level of frustration

ObGyns are overburdened already, and this new certification process will only add to our frustration.

Anthony Brignoni, MD
Port Charlotte, Fla

Did we really need a new program?

So this is a “new and improved” recertification process. What was wrong with the old one?

I wonder when we, the physicians, will unite and fight all the decrees, regulations, etc., with which we are being bombarded.

Israel Henig, MD
Parma, Ohio

Dr. Barbieri responds: Let’s see evidence first that MOC can work

I appreciate the time that readers of OBG Management took from their busy schedule to express their views about the Maintenance of Certification program. Based on the size and intensity of that response, we are clearly at a breaking point, at which the administrative burdens of practice excessively erode the time available for providing care.

As I emphasized in my February 2008 Editorial, I believe that MOC should be more evidence-based. I’m reluctant to enthusiastically support the program until a pilot project has clearly demonstrated that it improves outcomes for our patients.

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