Web Sites Mislead Teens About Sexual Health


Reality: Emergency contraception is over the counter for women 17 and older and may be available OTC soon for younger minors as well. Minors can currently receive prescriptions directly from authorized pharmacists in nine states: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont, and Washington.

Myth: Emergency contraception induces an abortion.

Reality: Emergency contraception does not cause an abortion and is not RU-486.

Myth: IUDs are for multiparous women.

Reality: IUDs are safe for use in adolescents, including the nulliparous and serially monogamous.

Myth: Oral contraceptives cause weight gain.

Reality: A review of 47 randomized, controlled trials found no evidence that combined hormonal contraceptives caused weight gain.

Myth: Women should have Pap smears with each change of sexual partner, at age 18 years, or immediately following coitarche.

Reality: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women have a Pap smears beginning at age 21 years or 3 years post coitarche.

Myth: Kissing is safe, even if your partner has herpes.

Reality: Herpes can be transmitted by kissing an infected individual.

Source: Dr. Yen

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