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Hysteroscopy and COVID-19: Have recommended techniques changed due to the pandemic?

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Recommendations: Office setting

Preprocedural recommendations

  • Advise patients to come to the office alone. If the patient requires a companion, a maximum of one adult companion under the age of 60 should be accepted.
  • Limit the number of health care team members present in the procedure room.

Intraprocedural recommendations

  • Choose the appropriate device(s) that will allow for an effective and fast procedure.
  • Use the recommended PPE for all clinicians.
  • Limit the movement of staff members in and out of the procedure room.

Postprocedure recommendations

  • When more than one case is scheduled to be performed in the same procedure room, allow enough time in between cases to grant a thorough OR decontamination.
  • Allow for patients to recover from the procedure in the same room as the procedure took place in order to avoid potential contamination of multiple rooms.
  • Expedite patient discharge.
  • Follow up after the procedure by phone or telemedicine.
  • Use standard endoscope disinfection procedures, as they are effective and should not be modified.

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