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Liletta IUD efficacy extends to 6 years



– The 52 mg levonorgestrel intrauterine system Liletta, which is currently approved as a contraceptive for up to 5 years of use, remains highly effective and safe for an additional year of use, according to findings from an ongoing 10-year trial.

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Dr. Carolyn Westhoff

Of 1,714 women enrolled in the multicenter phase 3 trial and for whom demographic information is available, 379 have completed 6 years of use. Nine pregnancies have occurred to date, including 2 in year 1, 4 in year 2, and 1 each in years 3-5, for a cumulative life-table pregnancy rate through year 6 of 0.87, Carolyn L. Westhoff, MD, MSc, reported during a poster session at the annual clinical and scientific meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Six (67%) of the pregnancies were ectopic, noted Dr. Westhoff of Columbia University, N.Y.

Study subjects include 1,568 women aged 16-35 years at enrollment (986 were nulliparous and 433 were obese) and 146 aged 36 to 45 years. All were followed after device placement, with 138 having completed 8 years of use.

Two perforations occurred following device placement–both within the first year, and none have occurred since, Dr. Westhoff noted.

Other adverse events included expulsion in 68 women (4.0%), with 50 of those (73.5%) occurring in the first year of use, and pelvic infection in 15 women (0.9%), with 11 (73.3%) of those occurring after 6 or more months of use.

Only 40 women (2.3%) discontinued the study due to bleeding, and 30 of those (75%) did so in the first 2 years.

The findings show that Liletta is highly effective and safe over 6 years of use in both nulliparous and parous women, and in both non-obese and obese women, Dr. Westhoff concluded. She added that “there were no additional pregnancies in 6 years, and this study will be continuing to look all the way to 10-year effectiveness.”

This study is funded by Medicines360, a non-profit pharmaceutical company. Dr. Westhoff is a consultant or advisory board member for Agile and Cooper Surgical, and a Data and Safety Monitoring Board member for phase 4 studies for Bayer and Merck.

SOURCE: Westhoff C et al., ACOG 2019: Abstract 13M.

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