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MRD-negative status signals better outcomes in CAR T–treated ALL



In this analysis, Dr. Hay and colleagues found that patients who underwent transplant in MRD-negative complete remission had a 24-month disease free survival and overall survival of 61% and 72%, respectively, both of which were significantly higher than in patients with MRD-negative complete remission who had no transplant.

The disease-free survival benefit was not specific to the good-risk group, according to Dr. Hay, who said an interaction test demonstrated no significant interaction between risk group and allogeneic HSCT after CAR T-cell infusion (P = 0.53).

“This is a very important finding that should be further [studied] in an appropriately designed clinical trial,” Dr. Hay said during an oral presentation of the study results.

Dr. Hay and several coauthors reported financial disclosures related to Juno Therapeutics. Other disclosures reported by study coauthors included Cell Medica, Celgene, Eureka Therapeutics, Genentech/Roche, Gilead Sciences, Kite Pharma, Novartis, and others.

SOURCE: Hay KA. ASCO 2018, Abstract 7005.


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