A new era of TTP treatment

Many questions remain following the FDA’s approval of caplacizumab, specifically, which patients should receive it. The high cost of the drug is...

Law & Medicine

Workers’ compensation law

Question: Employee, a poorly controlled diabetic, accidentally stepped on a nail at work. Surrounding cellulitis and abscess...


Medical ethics and economics

It’s up to physicians to build an ethical wall between interests in clinical research.


Phone etiquette, part 2

A peer should never answer and then be expected to wait while your employee tracks you down.

From the Editor

The white wall

How many clinically shaky fellows do we graduate into our profession every year? How many of us are aware of colleagues who are unskilled, but are...

Hard Questions


Many people with metastatic cancer say they wouldn’t want invasive treatment near the end of life. But how do we know when it’s the end?

Hard Questions

Information overload

Once a patient hears “cancer,” they often stop listening. We could go on, spelling out the next steps and treatment options. But patients usually...