From the Editor

Treat or treat

When assessing whether to recommend treatment, it’s tough to know the difference between tricks and treats.

Law & Medicine

‘Time lost is brain lost’

The plaintiff will typically be disqualified from offering medical testimony, unless there is “common knowledge.”

How I will treat my next patient

Is it time to expand the use of PARP inhibitors?

Dr. Alan P. Lyss breaks down new findings presented at the European Society of Medical Oncology Congress on the expanded use of PARP inhibitors in...


Primary CNS lymphoma: R-CHOP hits back

Twenty years after it was concluded that there was no role for R-CHOP in the treatment of primary CNS lymphoma, researchers are reconsidering that...

How I will treat my next patient

The law of unintended consequences

Dr. Alan P. Lyss examines the impact of women’s health clinic closures and excessive radiation doses in some lung cancer screening programs.

Hard Questions

Snapshots of an oncologist

You teach about this disease in your classes and never thought it would happen to you. It started simply enough – you were bruising. Your joints...