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TAILORx marks major advance for precision medicine in breast cancer



“This is extraordinary data for breast cancer doctors and women who have breast cancer. It allows you to individualize treatment based on extraordinary science, which now has tremendous prospective validation,” he said. Overall, “women with breast cancer who are getting modern therapy are doing extraordinarily well, and this test shows us how to tailor that management so they get exactly the right amount of treatment – not too much and not too little.”

Study details

All of the women with hormone receptor–positive, HER2-negative, node-negative early-stage breast cancer enrolled in TAILORx met National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines for receiving adjuvant chemotherapy.

Roughly 69% had an intermediate recurrence score (11-25) and were randomized. All of the 17% having a low recurrence score (0-10) were given only endocrine therapy, and all of the 14% with a high recurrence score (26-100) were given both adjuvant chemotherapy and endocrine therapy.

Of note, the recurrence scores used to define midrange were adjusted downward from those conventionally used to account for exclusion of patients with higher-risk HER2-positive disease and to minimize potential for undertreatment, Dr. Sparano explained. “I think you will see changes in the near future as to how Genomic Health reports their results.”

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