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Reduced intensity conditioning doesn’t protect fertility



A total of 72 males were more than 1 year post-HSCT in the cohort, and of these, 41 were at least 11 years old and had achieved pubertal status according to laboratory evaluation. In all, 22 of the male patients received RIC, and 19 received MAC.

Males receiving MAC were a median 20 years old at their follow-up evaluation, and a median 6 years post-HSCT, while the RIC group were a median of 18.5 years old and 5.5 years out from their transplant.

Of the 50 females who were more than 1 year post-HSCT, 25 were pubertal and 11 years old or older. Nine of the female patients received RIC, and 16 received MAC.

Females who received MAC were a median 12.1 years old and 4.1 years post-HSCT at their follow-up evaluation. Females receiving RIC were a median 16 years old, and 6.5 years post-HSCT at the time of evaluation.

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