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Diabetes from checkpoint inhibitors probably means lifelong insulin



The median age at diabetes presentation was 61 years and ranged from 32 to 82 years. The majority of patients were men, which reflects MD Anderson demographics, not a predisposing risk factor, Dr. Iyer said.

Melanoma was the most common cancer, followed by renal cell and prostate; patients had stage 2-4 disease. About half the subjects were on single agent anti-PD-1 treatment, about a third on anti-PD-1 combination treatment, and the rest on anti-PD-L1 combination therapy. C-peptide levels were below 0.9 ng/mL at diabetes diagnosis in most of the patients. Eleven of the 20 tested (55%) were positive for the pancreatic islet cell antibody GAD65.

The investigators had no disclosures. A funding source was not reported.

SOURCE: Iyer PC et al. Abstract OR05-5.

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