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Assistive Technology for Veterans’ Homes

VA grants awarded to 4 institutions for their housing assistive technology innovations.


The VA awarded 4 grants totaling nearly $800,000 to veterans with service-connected disabilities to adapt their homes with assistive technology .

The Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology (SAHAT) grants go to individuals, researchers, and organizations that develop assistive technology. The 4 grants awarded are going to Auburn University in Alabama for touch-voice-eye-controlled assistive technology; Philips Research of North America in Massachusetts for personalized location-aware assisted technology for individuals with mild cognitive impairment; Simply Home of Asheville, North Carolina, for an assistive technology link platform that interfaces the Firefly Platform with the Amazon Echo Device; and St. Ambrose University in Iowa for its virtual demonstration and training site for home independence.

Typical home adaptations include ramps, wider halls and doors, and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. New technology from the SAHAT Grant program will be added to the list of home modification options as they become available.

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