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Rapidly growing lesions on the forehead

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Three distinct morphologies were visible. Biopsies revealed the diagnosis for each.



A 97-year-old woman with a history of atrial fibrillation and nonmelanoma skin cancer presented to our clinic from an assisted living facility with a several-month history of rapidly growing forehead lesions. She denied symptoms, other than some bleeding and crusting, but was concerned about their appearance. She reported a notable history of sun exposure.

The patient had 3 confluent, but distinct, lesions on her forehead: an erythematous crateriform nodule with overlying hyperkeratotic scale (FIGURE, Lesion A); a nodular hyperpigmented plaque with irregular color and borders (Lesion B); and a pearly well-vascularized erythematous nodule with surrounding hemorrhagic crust (Lesion C).

Three large lesions on forehead with erythematous papules, plaques on face

She also had scattered, thin, gritty pink papules and plaques on the face that were thought to be actinic keratosis and nonmelanoma skin cancers based on clinical morphology; however, the patient deferred workup and treatment of these lesions to focus on the forehead lesions. The decision was made to biopsy all 3 clinical morphologies seen. The risks and benefits of biopsy were reviewed with the patient and her daughter, and they opted to proceed. The areas were anesthetized with an injection of 1% lidocaine and epinephrine 1:100,000; 3 shave biopsies were performed. Hemostasis was obtained with electrodesiccation.


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