Aesthetic Dermatology


Wedding dermatology

I advise people not to get their first botulinum toxin 2 weeks before their wedding.


Cosmetic Corner

Infographic: Laser Hair Removal

Dermatologists are best equipped to treat patients who are interested in removing unwanted hair safely and effectively. Leading...

Cosmeceutical Critique

Melatonin update, Part 2

At the cutaneous level, melatonin exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, photoprotective, tissue regenerative, and cytoprotective activity.


Probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic skin care

On the frontier of microflora-rich skin care are organisms like Bifidobacterium longum, which increases skin’s resistance to temperature.

Photo Challenge

Small White Spots on the Lips

A 27-year-old woman presented with multiple small white spots on the upper lip of several years’ duration. The lesions were slightly raised,...