Infectious Diseases

Photo Challenge

Friable Erythema and Erosions on the Mouth

A 68-year-old man with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue presented with a sore throat and odynophagia of 4 days' duration. At the time he was...


Photo Challenge

Painless Ulcer on the Areola

A previously healthy 20-year-old Chinese man presented to our dermatology outpatient clinic with a solitary painless ulcer on the right areola of...

Case Reports

Uncommon Presentation of Chromoblastomycosis

Chromoblastomycosis is an uncommon subcutaneous mycosis seen in the tropical and subtropical regions that is caused by traumatic inoculation of a...

Case Letter

Tinea Incognito in a Tattoo

Tinea incognito occurs when superficial fungal infections fail to demonstrate typical clinical features in the setting of immune suppression...