Proceedings of the 2nd Heart-Brain Summit


Supplement Editor:
Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD


Introduction: Heart-brain medicine: Update 2007
Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD, and Earl E. Bakken, MD, HonC, (3) SciDHon

Depression in coronary artery disease: Does treatment help?
Peter A. Shapiro, MD

Case study in heart-brain interplay: A 53-year-old woman recovering from mitral valve repair
Thomas D. Callahan, IV, MD; Ubaid Khokhar, MD; Leo Pozuelo, MD; and James B. Young, MD

Emotional predictors and behavioral triggers of acute coronary syndrome
Karina W. Davidson, PhD

Impacts of depression and emotional distress on cardiac disease
Wei Jiang, MD

Inflammation as a link between brain injury and heart damage: The model of subarachnoid hemorrhage
Hazem Antar Mashaly, MD, and J. Javier Provencio, MD

Biofeedback: An overview in the context of heart-brain medicine
Michael G. McKee, PhD

Biofeedback therapy in cardiovascular disease: Rationale and research overview
Christine S. Moravec, PhD

Helping children and adults with hypnosis and biofeedback
Karen Olness, MD

Clinical hypnosis for reduction of atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Roberto Novoa, MD, and Tracy Hammonds, BA

Depression and coronary heart disease: Association and implications for treatment
James A. Blumenthal, PhD

Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction in patients with movement disorders
Benjamin L. Walter, MD

Deep brain stimulation: How does it work?
Jerrold L. Vitek, MD, PhD

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Impact, mechanisms, and prevention
Lara Jehi, MD, and Imad M. Najm, MD

Evaluating brain function in patients with disorders of consciousness
Tristan Bekinschtein, PhD, and Facundo Manes, MD

Preconditioning paradigms and pathways in the brain
Karl B. Shpargel; Walid Jalabi, PhD; Yongming Jin; Alisher Dadabayev, MD; Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD,
and Bruce D. Trapp, PhD

Post-stroke exercise rehabilitation:What we know about retraining the motor system and how it may apply to retraining the heart
Andreas Luft, MD; Richard Macko, MD; Larry Forrester, PhD; Andrew Goldberg, MD; and Daniel F. Hanley, MD

Hippocampal volume change in the Alzheimer Disease Cholesterol-Lowering Treatment trial
D. Larry Sparks, PhD; Susan K. Lemieux, PhD; Marc W. Haut, PhD; Leslie C. Baxter, PhD; Sterling C. Johnson, PhD; Lisa M. Sparks, BS; Hemalatha Sampath, BSEE; Jean E. Lopez, RN; Marwan H. Sabbagh, MD; and Donald J. Connor, PhD

Heart-brain interactions in cardiac arrhythmias: Role of the autonomic nervous system
Douglas P. Zipes, MD

Insular Alzheimer disease pathology and the psychometric correlates of mortality
Donald R. Royall, MD

Poster abstracts

* These proceedings represent the large majority of presentations at the 2nd Heart-Brain Summit, but five Summit presentations were not able to be captured for publication here.

† Articles in these proceedings were either submitted as manuscripts by the Summit faculty or developed by the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine staff from transcripts of audiotaped Summit presentations and then revised and approved by the Summit faculty.

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